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BioMove Fridays Winter 2017/2018

Date Topic Speaker Location



14:15 - 15:45

A full annual cycle approach to Montagu's Harrier ecology and conservation by tracking individual birds

Dr. Raymond Klaassen

(University of Groningen & Dutch Montagu's Harrier Foundation)



(small lecture hall)


06.11.2017 15:00 - 16:00

Fledermausforschung und Fledermausschutz in der Uckermark

Dr. Torsten Blohm

(Untere Naturschutzbehörde Prenzlau)




Talk (10:15-11:45): Introducing network tools for analysing the spatial and social ecology of free-ranging animals

Workshop (13-16:30): From tracking data to network metrics: how can we apply these methods and what are the pitfalls *

Dr. David Jacoby & Dr. Robin Freeman

Institute of Zoology (ZSL), London



19.01.2018 ZALF bird & beetles monitoring (details: see PDF below) ZALF Staff ZALF
02.02.2018 Talk (10:15):
Relevance of dispersal limitation in aquatic microbial communities
Workshop (14:00): Spatial analysis of community data *

PD Dr. Robert Ptacnik


Dr. Zsofia  Horvath (WasserCluster Lunz)



09.02.2018 Movement Ecology in Microbes:
and Impediments *



Ecology of fear & Movement Ecology *

Prof. Dr. Joel Brown

(University of Illinois, Chicago)




BioMove Friday at ZALF 19 01 18.pdf
PDF-Dokument [213.5 KB]

BioMove Fridays will be alternating organised by the involved institutions during the winter. Schedule and topics will be announced as soon as possible.



UP/Golm: Universität Potsdam, AG Vegetationsökologie & Naturschutz, Am Mühlenberg 3, 14476 Potsdam-Golm; Meeting room (house 60, room 3.01).


UP/MBA: Universität Potsdam, Maulbeerallee, 14469 Potsdam; room TBA.


ZALF: Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung e. V.,
Eberswalder Straße 84, 15374 Müncheberg


IZW: Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung

im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V., Alfred-Kowalke-Str. 17,
10315 Berlin (lecture hall, ground floor)


FU: Freie Universität Berlin, Pflanzenphysiologie, Königin-Luise-Str. 12-14, 14195 Berlin (Raum 034, Lesesaal)


TBA = To Be Announced


* Master/Bachelor students: Please inform Antje Herde (herde [at] if you would like to participate. Further informations will be send around shortly before the meeting.

BioMove Workshops 2017

Date Topic Location
January 2017 Rhetoric empowerment for women UP
February 2017 Good Scientific Practice: Scientific Writing UP
April 2017 Science Communication Part I UP
September 2017 Biodiversity iDiv Leipzig
October 2017 Career Day "Scientific Life Balance" Urania Berlin
October 2017 Retreat Bad Belzig
October 2017 Science Communication Part II UP
November 2017 How to supervise my PhD students? UP

BioMove Fridays Summer 2017

Date Topic Speaker Location
21.04.2017 Workshop 9 -12: Metapopulation dynamics - from theory to practical use Prof. Yaron Ziv Ben-Gurion University of the Negev UP
Talk 13:15 - 14:45: Science-based conservation: species-area relationship


15.05.2017 14:15 - 15:45

Landscape ecology and the management of exotic species

Prof. Kirk Moloney

Iowa State University

19.05.2017 Microbial macroecology: new insights from species distribution analyses

Prof. Janne Soininen

University of Helsinki

23.06.2017 Understanding and managing species’ responses to environmental changes: the role of dispersal and mechanistic modelling

Dr. Greta Bocedi

University of Aberdeen


Monday, 03.07.2017

14:15 - 15:45

Nature´s best predictions:

(spatio-) temporal programming by biological clocks

Prof. Dr. Barbara Helm

University of Glasgow


Microbial Model Systems


Nectar Yeasts

Matthias Rillig &

Moritz Mittelbach


(details in the PDF file below)


Programme for BioMove Friday @ZALF (19.05.2017)
PDF-Dokument [75.3 KB]
Programme for BioMove Friday @IZW (23.06.2017)
PDF-Dokument [300.7 KB]
Programme for BioMove Friday @FU (07.07.2017)
PDF-Dokument [217.7 KB]

BioMove Fridays Winter 2016/2017

Date Time Topic Speaker
21.10.2016 13 - 14:30 Assessing population-level movement dynamics based on catch-effort data Dr. Emiel van Loon
18.11.2016 13 - 14:30 Capacities of butterflies for dealing with environmental change Prof. Klaus Fischer
02.12.2016 11 - 11:45 Balancing Agroecosystem Services In Landscapes (BASIL) Larissa Schaub
13 - 14:30 Movement ecology and its relationship to behavioural ecology and conservation Prof. Heribert Hofer


13:15 - 14:45 Organism traits, spatial scale, and habitat connectivity as determinants of biodiversity patterns in aquatic metacommunities Dr. Steven Declerck
13.01.2017 13 - 14:30 The little things that run - a general scaling of invertebrate exploratory speed with body mass Prof. Ulrich Brose
24.01.2017 13 - 14:30 Migratory birds in the wake of climate change Prof. Franz Bairlein
10.02.2017 13 - 14:30 Space use and the landscape of fear - Importance for Biodiversity? Prof. Jana Eccard

BioMove Workshops 2016

Date Topic Location
February 2016 Good Scientific Practice: Data Management UP
February 2016 W5: GIS basics IZW
March 2016 W3: Advanced Statistics UP
March 2016 W2: Ecological Modelling UP
June 2016 Good Scientific Practice: Animal Protection Laws & Permissions for Animal Experiments UP
October 2016 Summer School 1 - Telemetry: Animal tracking methods and advanced data analyses Gülpe
November 2016 W5: GIS & Remote sensing IZW
November 2016 Retreat Bad Belzig

BioMove Fridays Summer 2016

Date Time Topic Speaker
15.04.2016 9:30-11 W1: Concept Paper Discusson all
11-13 Tiger, mouse and seals: example models of homeranges and territories and lessons for BioMove Volker Grimm
14-15 PhD Project Wiebke Ullmann
29.04.2016 14-16 AgroScapeLab Projects (bats & lyme disease/small mammals Olga Heim & Christiane Hönicke
13.05.2016 14-16 Climate induced changes in matrix suitability trigger Gerbil movements and explain genetic diversity in a dynamic savanna landscape Niels Blaum




Masterclass "The fundamental importance of scale and its consequences for animal movement analysis"

(at MBA 2a)

Kamran Safi

Talk "From single tracks to global migration networks"

(at MBA 2)

10.06.2016 9-13 Animal Protection Laws & Permissions for Animal Experiments Jens Raila
14-16 From rich semi-natural aquatic communities to simplified two-species simulation models: importance of species interactions and life history traits Viktoriia Radchuk
24.06.2016 11:30-13 Talk: Modeling animal movement as a continuous-time stochastic process: Towards a rigorous statistical framework for movement ecology Justin Calabrese
14-16 Masterclass: An introduction to the ctmm R package for analyzing animal tracking data
08.07.2016 14-16

Moving the distance: Bat migration across anthropogenic landscapes

Christian Voigt
22.07.2016 14-16 Why move and where to move? Linking animal personality, spatial memory and foraging movement Melanie Dammhahn
Date Time Topic Speaker
02.09.2016 14-16 Movement Ecology and ATLAS system Ran Nathan

BioMove Fridays Winter 2015/2016

Date Time Topic Speaker
16.10.2015 11-12:30 Organisation of Seminar, Workshops etc. all
14-16 W1: BioMove Concept Florian Jeltsch
30.10.2015 11-12:30 Presentation of Summer Schools Wiebke, Merlin & Cédric
14-16 Expertise talks Merlin, Gabriele K, Gabriele S, Wiebke, Antje
13.11.2015 10-12:30 W1: Mobile Links Concept all
14-16 Expertise talks Sebastian, Magdalena, Manuel, Annika, Ulrike
11.12.2015 10-12:30 W1: Stabilizing/Equalizing Concepts all
14-16 Expertise talks Pierluigi, Cédric, Lisa, Larissa, Konstantin
18.12.2015 14-16 Fragmentation of landscapes: conceptual framework for modelling ecosystem services in transition zones Martin Schmidt
08.01.2016 9:30-10:30 PoGS Introduction Kerstin Hille
10:30-12:30 W1: Stabilizing/Equalizing Concepts all
14-16 PhD Projects Gabriele K, Gabriele S
22.01.2016 11-16 PhD Projects Sebastian, Merlin, Lisa, Cédric
05.02.2016 9-12:30 Data Management Jana Petermann
14-16 PhD Projects Pierluigi, Magdalena, Annika
19.02.2016 11-15 PhD Projects Sissi, Larissa, Manuel

BioMove Workshops 2015

Date Topic Location
October 2015 Retreat Seehausen
Oct. 15 - April 16 W1: Concepts in movement ecology and biodiversity research UP
November 2016 Gender meets Culture UP


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Prof. Dr. Florian Jeltsch

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Dr. Antje Herde

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