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Understanding and managing species’ responses to environmental changes: the role of dispersal and mechanistic modelling

Dr. Greta Bocedi

University of Aberdeen, England



Cédric Scherer (P02) won the poster award of the "Gordon Research Conference on Movement Ecology of Animals“, held in Ventura, CA, USA, on March 19 -24, 2017. Congratulations!

Video: Daphnia magna response to temperature

See also Project P07/P08!

Master and Bachelor theses

Many BioMove projects are seeking for motivated students interested in field work! If you are keen to write your thesis or to take a hands-on training in one of the projects, please contact the PhD students or biomove-rtg [at]!

Please find more information [here] or on the project sites.

BioMove Retreat 2016 [more photos]

BioMove in "Portal Wissen"

Portal Wissen 2/2016 - Deutsch
PDF-Dokument [9.7 MB]
Portal Wissen 2/2016 - English
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BioMove Telemetry Summer School

Animal tracking methods and advanced data analyses


at Biological Station in Gülpe, Havelland

October 10 - 14, 2016


This summer school will combine some hands-on exercises in manual and automatic VHS telemetry, RFID-based tracking, GPS telemetry and accelerometry with an introduction into indirect tracking methods (e.g. stable isotope analysis). Moreover, we aim to extend your knowledge in spatial data analyses. Invited experts will present current research using various tracking systems and introduce latest technologies.

PDF-Dokument [792.2 KB]

BioMove Telemetry Summer School 2016 [more photos]

BioMove @ GfÖ 2016

PDF-Dokument [381.5 KB]

BioMove @ Minerva School 2016 [more photos]

Minerva School 2016

The Minerva School "Emerging high-throughput systems for wildlife tracking at the regional scale" will train young scientists in regional‐scale wildlife tracking, focusing on “reverse‐GPS” technologies and the ATLAS system.

Venue: Hebrew University and in the Hula Valley

Date: May 29 - June 2, 2016

More information:

BioMove Retreat 2015 [Gallery]





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