PhD Projects 2015 - 2018

P01: Consistent individual differences in movement-related behaviour (i.e. activity, exploration and risk-taking) as equalizing and stabilizing mechanisms influencing species persistence and coexistence in dynamic anthropogenic landscapes. [more]


P02: Combined effects of land-use and individual movement decisions shape disease dynamics through mobile mammal links. [more]


P03: Land use related transient matrix determine functioning and importance of mobile links for biodiversity in dynamic anthropogenic landscapes. [more]


P04: Animal movement patterns across habitats: connecting biodiversity. [more]


P05: Equalizing and stabilizing mechanisms in regulating the co-existence of aerialhawking bat species in agricultural landscapes. [more]


P06: Influence of agricultural land-use change on gene flow between habitat islands. [more]


P07/P08: Dispersal diversity as a stabilizing mechanism for coexistence in multitrophic metacommunities (Tandem-PhD-project). [more]


P09: Interactions of pollinators and nectar-occupying yeast communities stabilize coexistence in meta-communities in dynamic agricultural landscapes. [more]


P10: Interactions within communities of microorganisms may affect dispersal of phytopathogenic fungi in the phyllosphere of host plants. [more]


P11: Plastic changes in home range formation provide a stabilizing mechanism buffering against negative effects of landscape changes.  [more]


P12: Effects of altered migratory bird links on regional biodiversity [more]


Associated projects


PostDoc projects

PostDoc I: Model-based integration, synthesis & theory refinement. [more]


PostDoc II: Coordination, GIS and Data management. [more]

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