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Invitation to the 1st International BioMove Symposium


26th – 28th September 2018 

Fraunhofer Conference Center

Am Mühlenberg 12, 14476 Potsdam, Germany


Dear colleagues,


on behalf of the DFG Research Training Group BioMove, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 1st BioMove Symposium on the interplay between movement and biodiversity. During four sessions we will tackle the question how individual movements shape biodiversity patterns, and vice versa.

Wed, 26th    From individuality to biodiversity

                       Keynote talk by Dries Bonte, Ghent University


Thu, 27th    Tiny organisms travel long distances

                 Keynote talk by Diego Fontaneto, CNR-ISE


                Animal movements across scales

                 Keynote talk by Wayne Getz, UC Berkeley


 Fri, 28th     Living in a landscape mosaic

                Keynote talk by Nina Farwig, Philips-University Marburg

The Symposium will be organized by the BioMove PhD students who are about to finish their projects by the end of this year and will present parts of their work.

BioMove Group

Please stay tuned for updates on the scientific program and social events:


Twitter:         @bio_move


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Research Training Group

DFG-GRK 2118/1


Prof. Dr. Florian Jeltsch

jeltsch [at]


Deputy speaker:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niels Blaum blaum [at]



Dr. Madlen Ziege

madlen.ziege [at]


biomove-rtg [at]

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