BioMove Research Training Group
BioMove Research Training Group 


In BioMove we team up experts from movement and behavioural ecology as well as biodiversity research. Based on a conceptual BioMove framework, we integrate various cutting edge methods to test a common set of hypotheses on the linkage of movement ecology and biodiversity research. In particular, we aim at a tight connection of empirical, experimental and modelling approaches covering different spatial and temporal scales and groups of organisms ranging from bacteria, fungi, plankton, plants, and insects to mammals.

PhD projects

P01: Consistent individual differences in movement-related behaviour (i.e. activity, exploration and risk-taking) as equalizing and stabilizing mechanisms influencing species persistence and coexistence in dynamic anthropogenic landscapes. [more]


P02: Combined effects of land-use and individual movement decisions shape disease dynamics through mobile mammal links. [more]


P03: Land use related transient matrix determine functioning and importance of mobile links for biodiversity in dynamic anthropogenic landscapes. [more]


P04: Animal movement patterns across habitats: connecting biodiversity. [more]


P05: Equalizing and stabilizing mechanisms in regulating the co-existence of aerialhawking bat species in agricultural landscapes. [more]


P06: Influence of agricultural land-use change on gene flow between habitat islands. [more]


P07/P08: Dispersal diversity as a stabilizing mechanism for coexistence in multitrophic metacommunities (Tandem-PhD-project). [more]


P09: Interactions of pollinators and nectar-occupying yeast communities stabilize coexistence in meta-communities in dynamic agricultural landscapes. [more]


P10: Interactions within communities of microorganisms may affect dispersal of phytopathogenic fungi in the phyllosphere of host plants. [more]


P11: Plastic changes in home range formation provide a stabilizing mechanism buffering against negative effects of landscape changes.  [more]


P12: Effects of altered migratory bird links on regional biodiversity [more]


Associated projects


PostDoc projects

PostDoc I: Model-based integration, synthesis & theory refinement. [more]


PostDoc II: Coordination, GIS and Data management. [more]


Research Training Group

DFG-GRK 2118/1


Prof. Dr. Florian Jeltsch

jeltsch [at]


Deputy speaker:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niels Blaum blaum [at]



Dr. Antje Herde

herde [at]


biomove-rtg [at]

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