Study area

The AgroScapeLab-Quillow platform is located in the moraine landscape of north-eastern Brandenburg. The focal study area (291 km² in size) is situated in the catchment of the river Quillow and contains numerous small and shallow infield ponds (kettle holes). Loamy soils enable intensive farming of winter cereals, rape, sugar beet and maize. A continental/Atlantic transition climate (annual average of 8.4°C air temperature and 486 mm precipitation) with long dry phases in spring and cold winters prevails. The existing mosaic of land use types of different sizes, distances and connectivity provides an ideal setting for an experimental site linking movement ecology and biodiversity research. AgroScapeLab-Quillow benefits from infrastructure and long-term data sets (e.g. land use, climate, hydrology, biodiversity) of the ZALF research station Dedelow, located within the TERENO (Terrestrial Environment Observatories) observatory North East. The TERENO infrastructure is managed by the ZALF research station.


Research Training Group

DFG-GRK 2118/1


Prof. Dr. Florian Jeltsch

jeltsch [at]


Deputy Speaker:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niels Blaum blaum [at]



Merlin Schäfer
merlin.schaefer [at]


biomove-rtg [at]

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