Gender Equality

BioMove attached importance for the participation of an equal number of women and men in the Research training group. In the first cohort, nine female and five male PhD students started to work on their projects while in 2018 seven female and ten male PhD students started in the second cohort. Until now, seven female and two male PostDocs are working in the BioMove group.

With half of the PIs being female (including three advanced early career researchers), BioMove sets high standards in gender equality and provides role models for young female scientists.


The UP and all partner institutions consider equal opportunities in science as their guidingprinciple and participate in statewide programs such as “BrISaNT” (Brandenburg’s initiative to promote natural sciences in high schools) and its follow upinitiative “Komm-Mach-MINT”. These programs focus on the early support of young females already in high school who are interest in an academic career within the fields of mathematics and natural sciences.

Young scientists who are already enrolled as PhD students at the UP are supported to reach their full potential through several UP institutions and their programs:


i) PoGS offers small research grants that aim to support young female scientists during a phase of grant writing for third-party funding as well as at the end of dissertation project. PoGS further provides the opportunity for individual coaching by senior female scientists who understand the needs of women in their early state of academic career.


ii) The coordination office for equal opportunities offers Completion Scholarships that allows young female researcher’s financial security for another period of upto six months after the initial maximum funding period has been exceeded. Such a bridgescholarship is also provided by the ‘Faculty of Science’ of the UP.


iii) The Career Service of the UP together with PoGS offers the program ‘Mentoring Plus’ which aims to improve career prospects of young academics within and outside academia. The strong efforts of the UP and their partner institutions to foster equal opportunity in business, science, politics and administration has been awarded several years with the TOTAL E-QUALITY award.


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